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The declining dam levels in the province are a major concern

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  • 2019-12-18
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The Department of Water and Sanitation in Limpopo encourages water consumers in
the province to prioritise water conservation as the water situation is at an alarming
A weekly report by the department shows that the province’s average dam level
Has dropped to 51,6% in the past week. The province has experienced exceedingly
hot temperatures in the past weeks, which has resulted in most dams declining

However, scattered rains fell over parts of the province on Thursday and helped to
cool down scorching temperatures. The South African Weather Service issued a
warning of yet another heatwave in the province over the coming weekend with
temperatures reaching between 33 and 36 degrees.
In these blistering conditions residents are advised to avoid unnecessary
exposure and stay indoors until late afternoon when the heat has subsided.
Those who are forced by circumstances such as work and school should drink
as much as three litres of water a day to cope. Fizzy drinks and alcohol are a
definite no-no as this might impact on their health.
The department calls on water consumers in the province to continue using water
sparingly and adhere to water restrictions imposed by their respective municipalities.
The weekly report added that water that is stored in reservoirs is 768.8 cubic metres
for a capacity of 1522.3 cubic metres. This is a decline compared the same period
last year when readings were recorded at 64.7%
Figures on the summary of Water Management Area (WMA) for the province,
Limpopo reflect a decline compared to last year this time when water levels were at
65.5% compared to the current 55.6%. Olifants Dam is sitting at 48.6% showing a
decline compared to last week’s 62.1%, which should alarm Limpopo residents to
continue prioritising water conservation at all times.
The report further states that Polokwane Water Supply Systems declined by 1% from
49.9% last week to 48.9% this week. The Luvuvhu Water Supply Systems is close to
its full capacity at 84.4%, even though it dropped by 0.8% compared to last week
when readings recorded 85.2%.

The province has 28 strategic dams under the two Water Management Areas
(WMAs), which is Limpopo-North West and Olifants. Water allocation is 84% for
agricultural use, 11% for domestic usage, 4% for mining and 1% for industries. About
five dams are below 10%.Tzaneen Dam in Groot- Letaba h is sitting at 6.8% while
Middle Letaba in the Greater Giyani Local Municipality is at 3.3%, Modjadji dam in
Greater Letaba LM is at 6.0%, the Glen Alpine in Mokgalakwena declined to 3.5%
and Doorndraai Dam is 9.0%.
The declining dams are having a negative impact on agriculture which uses it for the
irrigation of crops. The department, therefore, calls on farmers to always play their
role in saving water as it will affect their crops and animals if the dams were to run

Ebenezer Dam in Groot Letaba, which supplies majority of the communities around
Polokwane, has declined from 39.6% last week to 37.8% this week
In Vhembe District area of the province, dam levels are in a satisfactory state with
regard to water storage, with Nandoni Dam currently sitting at 88.2% this week,
Vondo dam sitting at 81.8% compared to last week’s at 82.8% which brings relief to
communities around that area.
De Hoop Dam in Steelpoort, which supply the community of Sekhukhune and the
local mining industry, is at 78.3%, showing a slight decline compared to last week’s
at 78.8%. Flag Boshielo in the Olifants has declined slightly from 53.7% to 53.1%.
The department is appealing to water users in the province to continue using water
sparingly and adhere to water restrictions imposed by their respective municipalities.
Water is a scarce resource and catalytic towards economic development and it must
therefore be conserved at all times.

Water and Sanitation

Issued by the Department of Water & Sanitation in Limpopo
For more information contact: DWS Media Liaison Director Sputnik
Ratau on 082 874 2942 / 072 024 6794
For media releases, speeches and news visit the Water & Sanitation
portal at: http://www.dwa.gov.za

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