Key Activities


Section 29 of the Water Services Act stipulates that the primary activity of a Water board is to provide bulk water services (i.e. water and sanitation) to other water services institutions within its service area.

Furthermore, Section 30 of the Water Services Act enables a Water board to perform an activity other than its primary activity only if it is not likely to limit the Water board’s capacity to perform its primary activity, it is not likely to be to the financial prejudice of itself, any water services institution, existing consumers and other users serviced by it within its service area; it is in accordance with the board’s policy statement; and it is provided for in a business plan. Such activities may include amongst others:

  • Providing management services, training and other support services to water services institutions, to promote co-operation in the provision of water services
  • Supplying untreated or non-potable water to end users who do not use the water for household purposes
  • Providing catchment management services to or on behalf of the responsible authorities with the approval of the water services authority having jurisdiction in the area supplying water directly for industrial use;
  • Accepting industrial effluent; and  acting as a water services provider to consumers
  • Providing water services in a joint venture with water services authorities; and
  • Performing water conservation functions.