Lepelle Northen Water

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Address: 1 Landdros Mare St, Polokwane Central, Polokwane, 0699
Phone: 015 295 1800
Email: info@lepelle.com

Employee Wellness

LNW espouses the value of its employee’s wellbeing for enhanced productivity and to this effect has a dedicated Wellness Programme designed to support healthy lifestyles and to improve general wellbeing. The Wellness Programme thus encompass activities such as health education, medical screenings, therapeutic counselling, financial wellness, sport, incapacity and absenteeism management, as well as executive wellness.

Workplace HIV & AIDS

Workplace HIV and AIDS workshops and campaigns are conducted frequently to raise awareness on the impact of HIV and AIDS. Managers and supervisors undergo Peer Education Programme in order to serve as support structures, when in need.

Sport and recreation

Employees periodically engage in organisational sport activities with business stakeholders and neighbouring communities to promote physical and mental wellbeing as well as provide a conduit for social intercourse between one or more water utilities.

Disease management

LNW recognises the impact that occupational and non-occupational diseases have on productivity. To this end subjecting new and existing employees to pre-, periodic and post health screenings, health education and incapacity management is a matter of policy. 

Therapeutic services

Work/life balance has never received attention than in modern times. At LNW counselling services are provided for employees presenting with personal and work-related challenges that negatively affect their job performance and/or work behaviour. Further , targeted stress management interventions o address stress patterns pertinent to managers and supervisors are offered   

Absenteeism management

The analysis of absenteeism trends on a quarterly basis with the aim of mitigating the causes and eventually reduce absenteeism becomes necessary to combat the impact of HIV and AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases on productivity. 

Personal financial management

LNW recognises the psychological impact of poor personal financial management on employee wellbeing and to this end provides appropriate interventions to mitigate this stressor. Failure to capacitate employees experiencing poor personal financial management may lead to increased absenteeism and/or presenteeism.